Cristina loves helping people transform their lives. Fascinated with hypnosis since she was a child, she would make-believe-hypnotize friends and family members. As an adult, her interest grew serious when she saw the incredible results of hypnotherapy as compared with traditional therapy. She went on to study Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited hypnotherapy school in the nation. Cristina holds Masters degrees in both Psychology and Educational Foundations and is a Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist. 

She designed and implemented a prevention rehabilitation program for inner-city youth at juvenile correctional institutions in Los Angeles County, and has worked with adult prison inmates to reduce the recidivism rate upon their release into society. A multi-faceted healer, she has studied countless alternative modalities and is especially skilled in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Processing), Pranic Healing, Reiki and Meditation.

A perpetual student of The World, Cristina is always challenging herself to learn and try new things. In addition to owning, operating and practicing at Liberate Emporium and Liberate Hollywood, she is the founder of the tech travel start-up company Xplorer and her own non-profit organization Motivate Humanity. Last but certainly not least, she is a writer and producer of many conscious media projects in hopes of positively impacting society, most notably the franchise film animated series Trekkie, which is dedicated to building wildlife reserves around the world. 

No matter what it is you’re seeking to transform, Cristina can set you on the path to freedom. She gets to the root of mental, emotional, physical and financial struggle. With a gift for getting into your unconscious mind, Cristina will effectively change the way you think, behave, and live your life. Get ready for big, positive change!







Straight from the land down under, Alan is from Sydney, Australia and has done psychic readings all over the world. His journey down the spiritual path started at a young age where he was fascinated with all things metaphysical. He has studied all religious paths from Jesus to Raman Maharshi but it was down an openly spiritual path where he felt most at home.

Alan is a reiki Master, Clairvoyant & Tarot reader who provides a loving safe space for his clients to heal. Alan specializes in helping you get out of your head and moving beyond your conditioning to achieve being your real self. Alan's focus is to help people achieve happiness and heal, whether that be old wounds or removing blocks in their mind, body & spirit.






As a multidimensional healer, Doreene has been using her spiritual gifts since her youth.  As a child of Jamaican immigrants, Doreene was raised in a household where she was allowed to explore her gifts as a Clairvoyant and a clairaudient.  Her studies in tarot and numerology came soon after.  As a child Doreene was considered the original caller ID because she was able to tell her Mom who was calling before she answered the phone.

She was told by one of her Spiritual Teachers that she was a Healer and thus began her journey into the many healing modalities. Doreene is a certified Spiritual Healer, a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Team Healer, a Pranic Healer, certified Soul Processor and an Access Bars Facilitator.  To her this just means she is channel for Divine Light and Love. An amazing multifaceted healer that helps clients transform and heal on a deep inner level.

Doreene has a sarcastic sense of humor, and warm character that will astound your senses. As a Clairvoyant, Medium and Tarot Reader, she talks directly to your soul and replenishes with pure love. As a Healer she can perform miracles if your mind is open and willing to accept being free from the things that block you from the true essence of your being.

Through your guides, teachers and ancestors, she brings forth not only the answers to your questions, but messages you need to hear. Her goal is to teach you how to manifest the things in your life you not only have dreamed of having, but also the things you truly deserve.




Jackie is a New Zealand born and raised energy healer who has been extra-sensory since childhood, through Reiki attunement which expanded into other modalities, she began to better understand her abilities and her call to use them for healing herself and others.

Jackie works intuitively with spirit guides, angels and ascended masters to shift blocks within your physical, mental and spiritual plane which will help you to release stress, trigger the body's natural healing abilities and balance mind and emotions. We all have the capacity to communicate with Godiverse, Jackie will help by holding space for you to receive that refreshed communication.

A certified advanced Akashic Record reader through Linda Howe's pathway prayer training, Jackie can help you gain illumination on your present day challenges.

Always striving to work for the greatest good of all involved, Jackie's gentle energy will help to create shifts in your life that will revitalize and reinforce your spirit.








Jerome was raised by psychologists in Maryland and always thought he would follow in his parent’s path and become a psychologist himself.  After pursuing that path, he felt frustrated with unsatisfactory results that took a prolonged period of time.  He began looking to alternative forms of therapy and clinical hypnotherapy grabbed his interest, especially after learning that roughly 88 % of human mental activity is subconscious rather than conscious, and can therefore best be addressed through clinical hypnosis.  His parents also encouraged his alternative path, knowing full well there is only so much help they as psychologists can provide to the conscious mind.

Jerome has been practicing clinical hypnotherapy since 2009 and has become well rooted in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz and Silverlake ever since. His friendly demeanor and detail helps clients gain a better understanding of what’s in front of them.   He is a classically trained clinical hypnotherapist with the mission of “(Re-) discovering personal strengths by replacing negative learned habits and behaviors with viable, healthy and productive alternatives.”  Through therapeutic hypnosis, Jerome has helped numerous clients reach their goals in various stages of life.  His clients have even reported gaining a greater understanding of the decisions they make and why they make them.   He works in both clinical and educational capacities specializing in several disciplines that include Insomnia, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Motivation, and Hypnosis for Children.








Lili’s sweet, caring, and loving demeanor can get even the shyest client to heal and the most negative energy or entity to return back to the light. As a child she was aware of her connection to God and her Higher Guides and used their support and guidance to imprint her life with happiness and wish fulfillment. As she got older and strayed away from her connection she realized her life was no longer happy, things always went wrong, and she could no longer manifest her desires.

These troubled years led her on a journey back toward her birthright of spirituality and connection with God. This journey included receiving healings from different modalities and spiritual paths. Her gifts were renewing and her happiness restoring, but it wasn’t until she found Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga that she found her life propelling at a speed she had never imagined.

Lili’s desire is to assist as many people as she can reach their life’s fulfillment by the ancient art and science techniques of Pranic Healing; a no-touch healing modality that harnesses life force energy (“chi,” “prana”) to heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Remove traumas, phobias, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, the list goes on. When we understand that everything is energy and that energy can be shifted and changed, we can ultimately shift and change our lives.

For Lili, Pranic Healing is a Godsend and she witnesses miracles of small and large everyday applying these ancient techniques.








As a reader for three decades, Paul uses his skills and gifts as a clairvoyant to offer and illuminate possibilities for you. Spirit teachers, Ascended Masters and folks from the other side join us in the reading.

Paul was taught Pyschometry by his grandmother, who also taught him dowsing for water with sticks, on their Colorado farm. Paul firmly has a foot in two worlds. Dealing with issues of health, relationships and finance, Paul will, with humor, show ways you might be holding yourself back & offers possibilities and techniques to move you towards your greater good.







Aya was born in Japan, raised in Hawaii, and was born of artistic and spiritual parents (her father an illustrator/Zen Buddhist priest and mother a photographer/energy healer). She went to a Christian school that nurtured spiritual and existential curiosity, so naturally she tenaciously followed in her family’s footsteps pursuing a career as an actress and intuitive healer. She has been reading tarot for 14 years and is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Healing Practitioner of the Akashic Records. 

Each one of us came into this life armed with free will, a soul blueprint and collective gifts/experience/lessons over many lifetimes. We weren't just plopped down from the ethers and left to our own devices. No, your soul chose YOU. It is no coincidence. And all these things we've experienced have been for our highest good and vital to our evolution. 

Wherever you are in life, experiencing highs and lows, you are not alone. And your special team of spirit guides/animals, your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, the faeries, the Angels, God of your choosing, They are helping you and They are wanting to chat in however way they can find to reach you; signs, tarot cards, music, etc...  All we have to do is be open to receiving them. 

When Aya was led to the Akashic Records a whole new accelerated path emerged and she felt finally able to stop letting self-doubts lead her in circles and go after her dreams head on. She was able to clearly separate what's truth and what's fear-based, and through this awareness of her soul's truth, she was elevated. Aya strives to help facilitate that transformation and healing within you and connect you to your very own Akashic Records. Your intuition led you here. So, let's see what they have to say and begin to shift those energetic blocks!




Born in Bucharest Romania to Armenian parents Edward had many unique life experiences and challenges before moving to Los Angeles in 1964.  He was interested in people, how they responded and worked and also fascinated with the world.   He started out with a very scientific path studying engineering at UCLA and graduated with an MS degree in Engineering.  Edward became interested in bioengineering and experimented with bio feedback machines and hypnosis and subjects as the travel of the neural impulse through the body. After working for Hughes Aircraft he developed an interest in manufacturing jewelry and stones.

Working with crystals and a deep interest in people Edward started him journey studying the energetic world and found Pranic Healing.   He has been practicing Pranic healing for over a decade and has continued to studying many other healing modalities.  Edward says “Pranic Healing has changed my life.” He is committed to helping others experience the same amazing healing transformation he went through. 

People love Edward’s warm gentle soul. Healings are non-touch sessions that care heal anything from emotional trauma, psychological issues, and even physical pain.  Clients feel the transformation and power of the healing even immediately after the session.







As an intuitive guide, and spiritual counselor, Allen offers transformational insight, inspiring messages and practical guidance to help you regain clarity and direction for navigating health, relational, financial and other concerns of life. In partnership with you and your guides, he and his guides work to help you reconnect with your heart's desire, you soul's purpose, and unseen allies; so you can learn to trust your innate wisdom, heal your soul wounds, and work with your allies to deliver your unique gifts to the world. Allen is an experienced intuitive, ordained minister and channels Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and his group. Master DK is a compassionate philosopher and teacher who educates, uplifts and inspires people to align their outer life, relationships and work with their Higher Self for awakening, transformation and service in the Aquarian Age.








An intuitive empath and clairvoyant, Yvonne uses her capacity to give and receive energy as a guide through her own spiritual healing. After receiving her yoga certification and learning from world-renowned metaphysical teachers, she has developed successful healing modalities using spiritual tools and practices. These practices open a channel connecting to guidance from her divine spirit guides and higher self.


Her gift to tune into others' emotions and thought patterns has served as a guide for clients to release subconscious beliefs that no longer honor their highest truth. Through a series of guided, chakra-activated meditations, tarot & oracle readings, intuitive readings, energy clearing, sound healing, breathwork, and spiritual coaching she's witnessed numerous transformations that unveil a deeper connection to the authentic self through mind, body, & spirit connection. 








Rebekah works with Music, Astrology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, the Law of Vibration & the Divine to help clients on their very personal paths to healing. Born & raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, by professional musicians and progressive thinkers, she has been singing since before she could speak and contemplating God and the nature of existence since the age of four. She currently hosts her own podcast Everyday Seeker: Real Talk For The New Age. A self-described “dark-night-of-the-soul survivor”, she has a great deal of experience with anxiety and cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition to years of intense study of all things metaphysical and spiritual.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Rebekah was on the summer faculty of the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been a music educator for 10 years as well as a full-time professional musician & performer. She believes music is a profound path to healing, and is passionate about helping others find peace, purpose and their power. She has collaborated and performed with some of music’s most celebrated and award-winning talents including Linda Ronstadt, Steve Winwood, Deer Tick, pop duo Karmin, & Christopher Guest to name just a few.

Her other main squeeze is Astrology, and she has studied with renowned astrologers Anne Ortelee and Rebecca Gordon (Harper’s Bazaar) in New York City, and David Palmer (The Leo King) here in Los Angeles. Rebekah believes Astrology is an amazing tool for self-understanding, and readings are often so validating! While she does not do predictive readings (telling you exactly what's going to happen - as her teacher Anne Ortelee says, 'If it's in your heart, it's in your chart'), she does believe that astrology transits give us very important information about timing - right down to exact dates - as well as the potential for our path forward, how to overcome challenges and maximize the gifts we've been given. ​








Sera works as a conduit to the illuminating intelligences of Tarot, I-Ching, and Usui Reiki which activate your mind and body’s natural ability to transform and heal. This light transmutes wounds, stagnation, karmic patterns, polarizations, and any other outmoded illusions within your subconscious which may be preventing you from truly being you. The true you is the infinite you, which often exists hidden under layers of strife accumulated through life experience. This hidden you contains all of the clarity, abundance, power, strength, peace and fulfillment you may be seeking at any given moment.


The healing process is one of gentle purification through the symbolic and energetic language of love and light which ultimately leads to balance, energy, and a sense of renewal. When the channels are cleared to an individual’s pure source, manifestation of dreams and goals becomes an automated process as the universe responds directly to the heart’s transcendent vessel of alchemical gold.


The goal is singular, whether you have an urgent question to be answered, or are seeking an energetic re-wiring of your entire being...Sera is here as guardian, guide, and teacher as you simply re-member the totality of who you are.




Amy Schmidt is a native Angeleno who has always been drawn to the mysterious. She started her journey with Tarot cards at the age of eleven, but was derailed when a religious relative shamed her out of her journey at the age of thirteen. However, that wasn't quite enough for her to tune out the magical messages that continued to call her, and she stepped back onto her Tarot path at the age of twenty-three. Having devoted her life to understanding the healing that knowing your true story can bring, she is thrilled and honored to be doing her spiritual deep-dive.


Here at Liberate Emporium, she started doing her own healing journey a few years ago. Come see her for a Tarot reading, chakra realignment, energy clearing, and/or Reiki session.




Taj is known as the Little Buddha for her sweet sense of surrender and wisdom.  Her readings are channeled through from the Universe and she is here to assist those who are in need of letting go to live presently through understanding the alignment of the Self. When we give ourself permission for check in’s, we allow the Divine to steer us into a realm of clarity and conscience. It is here where Taj can find a state of equilibrium though the questions that may arise and through this growth, we can find freedom in feeling one again with the Heart. 



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