We are both material and energetic beings, and just as we need to care for our physical body with hygiene, nutrition, exercise and bodywork readjustments, our energy body also requires our attention and maintenance. Through energy work, you can remove negative thought patterns, beliefs, and attachments to energize and amplify yourself so you can operate more fully refreshed and empowered.

Great for: Relieving stress, healing emotional upsets, gaining focus and clarity, energizing and overall wellness.

Great for: Relieving stress, healing emotional upsets, gaining focus and clarity, energizing and overall wellness.


When we are at a road block in life, going through a transition, or are uncertain about future events, it can be very beneficial to get clarity and guidance from a higher perspective. Intuitive Readings offer knowledge and insight from beyond this physical plane, while creating a safe space for you to be open, vulnerable and discover what’s most important in your life.


Great for: Career shifts, relationship insight, self-clarity in times of change.


Modern science now confirms that the unconscious mind is a driving factor in how we perceive, act and think, including our fundamental beliefs. Hypnotherapy is like a magic wand that enables a more conscious awareness for shifting, changing and reprogramming beliefs and perspectives from deep within your unconscious mind.

Great for: getting rid of unwanted habits and behaviors, instilling new habits and behaviors, building self-confidence and love, and reaching new goals in career, relationship, health and self expression.


NLP is the art and science of personal excellence. By understanding and modeling the attributes, actions and techniques that align with your goals, you too can achieve the results you desire.


Great for: achieving goals, expansion, releasing unwanted triggers, setting forth your ideal life by design.


Sometimes we have things in our life that we simply can’t explain or seem incongruent with our current life. Many people believe we carry imprints from previous incarnations, or past lives, and that discovering what these residuals are can release and free us from them so that we can live a more expansive life in the now.


Great for: Gaining knowledge of the past, uncovering karmic aspects, changing current realities.


Our physical alignment is tied to our energy, mood, confidence and self- worth. When we are out of alignment and our muscles haven’t had the ability to release the stored toxins, traumas, stress and emotional wounds they carry, it impedes our performance as a whole. With body work, one quick adjustment can release days, weeks and even years of built up stress and traumas to help us come back to our real selves.

Great for: times when stressed, in physical pain, feeling drained, overwhelmed or just in need of an energetic and emotional boost.


Intuitive coaching is a mentor-oriented relationship that helps people focus on their goals, wellness and growth to produce extraordinary results in their lives and careers, bridging the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Great for: Transitions, getting to the next level, breaking free of limiting beliefs or blockages, empowering one to believe in themselves.


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