WHO ARE YOU? Let me rephrase… Who WERE you… And who do you WANT TO BE?

NEW MOON: New Beginnings

ARIES: Vitality, Life-Force Energy, Identity, Ego, Self (ish), Warrior, Anger, Courage, Motivation, Action, Energy, Drive, Foward Movement, Impatience, Independence, Inspiration, Passion, Enthusiasm, Truth, Honesty, Generosity, Pioneer, Leadership, Defender-of-the-Weak

This new moon is all about upgrading your “Is-ness”! In other words, asserting a new identity in the world and taking strong and decisive action that reflects this new You! There may be an uncomfortable feel to this lunation as it’s caught up in the seemingly neverending Pluto-Uranus square, where there is a push and pull between the establishment (of your life) and rebellious revolution (of your identity). There will likely be an unstable flavor to things as indie, unpredictable Uranus electrifies your drive to break free of the shackles that have been holding you down foreverrr. This is a time to be inspired, strong and powerful! Stand back, bitches! New You, coming through! Errr… maybe a better expression of this energy would be to rise up proud and Care-Bear-Stare others with the inspiration and passion you possess. As a wise woman named Gabby Bernstein is known to say:

“…As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

And in case the whole “What people will think/say/do'” feeling churns in the pit of your stomach… here’s a nugget of wisdom from the lovely Andromeda Turre, a singer/songwriter in NYC who seems to know a thing or two about courage:

“If you don’t have haters, you’re playing it too safe.”

Innnteresting, no? This is a very exciting, but volatile energy. You may think it wise to be extra mindful during this period to avoid fights, drama and upheaval… and it totally would be. But as a double Aries, I know that this energy is not about forward-thinking, self-restraint, maturity… or caution. And frankly, if it were, there’s no way it’d be capable of breaking us free from the garbage that’s been holding us back. So yes, bring as much self-awareness to the table as possible, but part of this is honoring the ferocity and even the anger we may be feeling. If we can do this, we will be empowered to express it much more constructively. We will still rock the boat but maybe avoid the capsize 📷

So don’t be afraid to take the action that reflects the new You, and be okay with the bumps.

Experiencing this energy as it moves through us – and in turn moves us to take action – is part of our greater spiritual evolution. Aries energy is about ego development, and that’s an important aspect of this divine experience. We will see where we need to shift and integrate (and otherwise smarten up!) as a result of the actions we are moved to take – especially if they cause a bit of a mess. We can’t control everything, and no amount of calm, rational speculation brings the clarity and enlightenment of experience. Ever had someone give you good advice you just couldn’t take because until you learned it for yourself – through experience – you couldn’t truly get it? That. So don’t be afraid to take the action that reflects the new You, and be okay with the bumps. It comes back to trust again – trusting the revolution that’s going down inside of us. The smartest thing we can do is honor this energy as our truth and the thrilling new beginning for us!

Mars retrogrades are on the rarer side, only happening once every two or so years, so this is a special time of healing as frustrating as it may feel.

We can’t know in advance how it will play out. Chances are, whatever path you think the new You is about to charge down will have some speedbumps, potholes… detours. This is because this lunation is ruled by Mars, which is barely moving at the moment as he prepares to go retrograde on April 17th until August. Mars retrogrades are on the rarer side, only happening once every two or so years, so this is a special time of healing as frustrating as it may feel. Since Mars is pure inspiration, pure life force energy and our ‘get-up-and-go’, a retrograde means that energy doesn’t move forward directly. Think of it like this: we’ll be taking the scenic route to wherever we’re going. Not impatient Mars’ favourite, but what we find there will enrich and empower this new Us in ways we can’t currently even conceive of. 

Who do you want to be? Define it. Do It. Be It. Own it. Mars retro will help us tweak as we go! 

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